Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Settled In

We're here and seem to be nearly finished with the unpacking and moving excitement. Jason has begun to make friends at his new half day school. Here in Florida there's a program called VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten) and even though he'll be 5 in October, the age cutoff makes him start everything a year late, so he finally gets to go to "school" like the big kids. He goes from 8-11 am at the same daycare that Shelby went to when she was his age and we lived here years ago. He's making friends and learning Bible verses to correspond to the letter of the week.

Shelby is neck deep in rehearsals for High School Musical. The musical theatre class at the high school performs 3 productions a year, with the first one being a "light" show with just a few weeks to prepare to get the kids back into the swing of things. The December show is Lerner and Loew's Cinderella, so as soon as the shows this weekend are over, it's right to work preparing for auditions for winter. Tomorrow I'll be spending the morning helping backstage with costume changes. This is exactly why we moved back here, to have Shelby back in our family with us and to do all these extras with her.

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Mrs. Staggs said...

Hello. It's a lovely house, and it sounds like you've made some big changes for a very important reason. Good luck to you and your family!
Thank you for your nice comment. I appreciate it.